Workstation dns not updating Sexchat tola

Computer Configuration |__Administrative Templates |__Network |__DNS Client Dynamic Update: It doesn’t necessarily matter which DNS servers your clients use as their primary servers, as the updates will find their way to the NETID domain DNS servers in all supported scenarios.

All users have laptops and frequently switch from wired to wireless connections (these are on separate VLAN's).

It seems the wireless DNS entry is the predominant one which is held in DNS which makes name resolution fail often. When I came in today I hard wired (and have been all morning).

I am not running out of DHCP addresses so that is not a concern.

The DHCP server is installed on a domain controller/DNS server.

I performed a cold boot of my machine and obtained a wired DHCP address.

When I attempt to ping my machine from another device it is returning the wireless IP address from yesterday and thus timing out.

With View 4.5 and Windows XP I had shut off dynamic DNS completely just to be safe but when I tried turning it off in View 4.6 in Windows 7 I think either the VMware Tools or VMware View Agent turned it back on (the same goes for trying to turn off IPv6).

I am running a Windows 2008 R2 domain with Active Directory integrated DNS.

most locations with lots of wireless users set a DHCP lease time of 15 minutes (vs. The issue being, with a 1-day lease, assuming a 24-bit netmask, you can only allow connections from 253 users per day -- regardless of how many at once. You have kept very tight refresh and no refresh interval Ensure that your domain DNS zone srv records are updating as appropriate Other wise scavenging process will eventually delete all those srv records as well under and zone (_TCP, _UDP, _MSDCS folders etc.) I'd keep refresh interval 8 HRS and No refresh interval 4 HRS as a precautionary measure so that you will get sufficient time to update all relevant SRV records on domain controller Remember, scavenging need to be enabled on only one DNS server and changes will get replicated to all other DNS servers (which are also domain controllers) Mahesh I have made the suggestion to set the refresh intervals to the times above.

Once your wireless DHCP server drops the address, it should remove it from the DNS server, thus allowing the DNS ADD request from the wired VLAN DHCP server to succeed -- and your name recognition should work (at least most of the time). I noticed this morning that I now have 2 entries in DNS for most of the machines that switch between wireless and wired connections. Earlier today I reverted the scavenging times to no-refresh 4 hours, refresh 8 hours.

Issue: My Vista or Windows 7 workstation doesn’t appear to be registering in DDNS, even though I’m using the suggested GP settings.

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