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When I run the workflow, I get the same errors Paul described above.It is fundamental to all the production workflows I have created except I use a lookup to another list to populate the names.

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All I have to do is prove you can do what we need to get done with an SPD workflow.

I’ve got 12 workflows that start automatically on creation of a list item, thus assigning 12 individual tasks. They look up people based on a role from a Share Point list.

To avoid getting this error in Share Point Online installations, you must modify your code to limit actions in the worker process or appdomain to fewer than 30 seconds.

To modify the timeout period in your on-premises installation, execute the following Windows Power Shell command.

Note that the example code resets the timeout to 60 seconds, but you can use another value. SPUser Code Service]:: Local #change to 60 second timeout $user Code Svc.

Add-pssnapin microsoft.sharepoint.powershell $user Code Svc = [Microsoft. Worker Process Execution Timeout = 60 $user Code Svc.

Surely this functionality, essentially copying a person from one list to another, has to function... In Share Point Designer, use a Dynamic String on your Person or Group field to insert "-1;#" to the beginnning of the field.

I'm guessing this is due to some sort of error that occurs when SP parses a Person/Group list.

Update() is a placeholder for the specific resource whose threshold has been exceeded.

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