Who is orianthi dating

The charismatic rock instrumental "Highly Strung" featuring Steve Vai became a popular You Tube video with millions of views and climbing, and her song "Suffocated" was featured on Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock as a playable song.

Orianthi followed up with a four-song EP including two singles "Shut Up and Kiss Me" and "Courage".

Orianthi has been very prolific in collaborating and being featured by many artists.

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Orianthi appeared on several late night shows most notably on American Idol results show 26 March 2010.

In 2010 she toured extensively with headlining shows in the US, Japan, Australia, and Malaysia.

She recorded for the song "Sadda Haq" composed by Academy award-winning composer A. Rahman for a Bollywood 2011 film soundtrack Rockstar.

The song became very popular and garnered substantial media coverage in India for Orianthi, being cited for her time as Michael Jackson's lead guitarist.

Her family is from Greece and her Grandmas name was Orianthi. If your question is about the one featured on Rock Night, 4/3/2013, that is Orianthi (See related link).

And we don't know the real meanly for sure, put her Mother (@Susanne Pan) posted on twitter that Orianthi means beaultiful flower in greek (: Ιf her parents give her Greek name Anthi means ανθός (anthos) meaning flower and all the name Orianthi means Ωραίος Ανθός (oreos anthos) meaning Beutiful flower. She is probably best known as the guitarist for Michael Jackson's This Is It concert.She began playing piano at the age of three and, at the encouragement of her father, moved to acoustic guitar at the age of six.When she was eleven, she took up electric guitar and left her school, Mercedes College, enrolling at Cabra Dominican College.Orianthi independently released her debut studio album, Violet Journey in 2005, composing all the material, contributing guitar, vocals, and drums on most cuts.She produced and mixed the final product at her home studio.She appears in the film Michael Jackson's This Is It, which chronicles the rehearsals for the tour and shows her and Jackson on stage.

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