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An American actor who is better known for his roles as Rene Lenier in Season One of the popular HBO television series, True Blood.

In 1996 he completed his graduation from Clarkston High School.

Michael Raymond-James was born Michael Weverstad in Detroit, Michigan. It was here that he was raised without any inclination towards acting.

There is hardly much that is known about his family or the exact way in which he was brought up.

Looking at his life as an actor, Raymond James didn’t prepare or plan to become actor.

In fact, it was at the age of 19 that he decided to get into acting by accident.

For his education, the man attended the Clarkston High School and graduated in 1996.

As he grew up, he was more of an athlete than any other thing, and during his high school days, he was a football player as well as a track runner.

It seems like he is really devoted in building his career rather than enjoying love life.

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