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Lawless spoke to the Los Angeles Times on the phone from Italy. The last time I was here, there was a tenor who wasn’t quite up to the job, and the audience just went septic on him, the cackles and the booing. And I kind of love that chaos,” she said, giggling.

By August of 2017, however, NBC had revealed that the revival was not moving forward.

Admittedly, Lawless says she was disappointed that it didn’t come together, adding that Robert Tapert, her husband and co-creator of the series, “honestly doesn’t feel like he can do it better.”Even though it didn’t happen, Lawless believes would still work today.

In “My Life Is Murder,” a delightful new detective show premiering Monday on the streaming platform Acorn TV, Lucy Lawless plays Alexa Crowe, a former police investigator half-reluctantly drawn back to work as an unofficial consultant on deaths the department has deemed accidental but an old colleague believes are not.

Breezily written, with an appealing main cast and a healthy component of armchair tourism — it’s set in Melbourne, Australia — it is a perfect summer series.

She never seems to compromise.”The tone is light and more than a little comic, with just enough action and suspense to keep things lively. (an early inspiration to the New Zealand-born Lawless ) or Jessica Fletcher before her — to take care of business.

Where many modern series would saddle Alexa with doubts and demons for the sake of creating drama, “Murder Is My Life” leaves her free — like Lt. Getting her industrial mixer to work — she bakes bread semi-professionally — is Alexa’s main personal challenge. They have a beautiful old amphitheater, and they do some pretty terrific operas every summer.

I never got hired there, but I was up for the job as they were developing it. I thought, “I love all the gnarly side of life, I totally want to be a coroner.” And then I realized what I wanted to be was an actor — I just want to act like a coroner. I actually pitched to somebody at CBS, I said, “Let’s do the new ‘Murder, She Wrote,’ ” and they were like “No, no.” And I thought, well ... Where the characters are not hiding some hideous secret. But I want to be part of something good, and something kind. ” And I said, “I’ve got an hour and a half if she can meet me Sunday before I go home. We’ll see what happens.”And I met her, and first of all she said to me, “I was very unwell as a kid” — and in my mind, there’s a little red flag because I thought, “Uh oh, she’s a fan.” Not that being a fan is bad, but it might be that she’s attracted to me for the wrong reasons. A fan’s not a business associate, you know what I mean? But the more she talked, and the more I learned about her trajectory — her writing career and her career with the network — I thought, “This girl’s really got chops.” I sensed I was catching her at this wave, and quite selfishly I thought, “I’m going to take you for my own.” Claire is everything I dreamed she’d be and more. I felt like I was casting myself in some way, ‘cause I thought, “You will be effortless to have around.” I knew I could be three feet from Ebony seven days a week and not have a problem with that.

I’d already done some sketch comedy and some TV commercials. She was probably 1, so I would have been 21 — so that also put a bit of a crimp in my “I Want to Go to London and Study at RADA.” I [had] a teen pregnancy. The moment I had the baby I was filled with enormous creative energy, and started writing little audition pieces and skits and went and produced it. I’m a Little Red Hen and I’ll figure out a way to do it. And I’m very attracted to the idea of justice at the moment, because the world seems pretty — there’s a lot of injustice. I’d been sent some scripts by a young woman called Claire Tonkin, from Australia. And plus she’s so talented and so attractive and so full of life.

My dad was the mayor of Mount Albert, New Zealand, and we were always putting on shows for older citizens, piano recitals, and acting in church and school. That's never going to work out; you're in New Zealand." Are you as fearless as Xena and Alexa? And you don't know in Australia, grass has seven-foot-tall taipans [snakes] that can stand up and kill you.

It's not meant to be an anesthetic by any means, but maybe just a little bit of a physic rest, a recharge. I think play when you're a kid is a great indicator of what you're designed to do. People pitied her when she said, “Lucy wants to be an actress.” They were like, “Good luck with that. It's for really, really good riders.” And I'm thinking, like in America, they're never going to put you on a crazy horse. I held on a really long time but it just went bonkers and I got tossed off. I'm sore and I'm shaken, but I didn't break my pelvis so, golden! If I'm in Louisiana and I see this beautiful golden field, you just want to gamble and run across it because you don't know there are chiggers in the grass that are going to get stuck in your underpants and socks and you're going to be utterly miserable for the next three days.

It's been 24 years since Lucy Lawless took on the iconic lead role in Xena: Warrior Princess, once TV's top-rated syndicated drama. She's a woman my age who is sexy, unapologetic, fully realized, who honestly doesn't give a damn what anybody thinks because she's going to eke out the truth, find the murderer — even if it hurts. I'll walk down all sorts of crazy alleyways in Brazil because you feel just impervious. As an activist, how do you get people to fear climate change?

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