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hope you understand and forgive me, because it's a pity I did not plan to live you lonely.honey soon you forget you miss me when I hug and kiss you so sweetly. Dr-Andrew Of course my love, because you are always in my thoughts and anything I pray you are always in my prayer baby I miss you like crazy here my love ...

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As the days pass, my love for you continues to grow.

I never thought that I was able to love anyone as much as I love you right now.

He presented himself as DOC FRANK RICE and here is his profile: The game was simple but very painful in the end. and then followed by endless passionate letters filled with incredible love and written, as I thought, by highly educated, intelligent and incredibly wonderful man.. they were filled with immense love, charm, and miracle. His wife Anna also died when his son Jones was just 7 years old. In his next letter son said that he lost his credit card and cannot pay for school and dad will be angry.

He was an military navy officer, medical doctor, plastic surgeon with 2 high educations, 49 years old, from Brooklyn, NY. I informed his dad who said that he is in the middle of the war and cannot help his son, so please help him and send 1200 UK pounds (around $1835) to son.

Your future husband, Andrew Baldwin Though miles separate us, bonds, we are much stronger. I'm so incredibly happy and satisfied, and I want to spend forever in your life, in your world, in your family and in your hands. I'm trying to understand, so that we can live forever and happily spend a lifetime together.

Are you the type that I've spent all these years in search. I do not want to lose you to someone else or anything that anyone can say about you.

Dr-Andrew Why are you talking like that, my love, my love, my internet here I love and I miss you more than my queen Hello my love are you still there with me now my beloved wife please talk to me now my love I need you more than you know my treasure Please, my queen I'm so very sorry for my late reply honey I love you and you are my everything, and I promise I will never let my love ....

Dr-Andrew For the love of my life, I say good morning, my better half may you always have a reason to laugh as you begin today receive more grace to live as it was written of you, I'm sorry my dear, I slept like a baby with .

At this point I already understood that it was scam. Andrew as I know is 38 and not 49 as my beloved scammer.

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