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Astonishingly, he walked away virtually unscathed, having disposed of a major property holding just before the crash.

Within a few years he was in New York, where, together with David Shamoon, a “mysterious” Iraqi who was a former Keyser Ullmann client, he began dealing in Manhattan property.

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Dellal is undoubtedly a “property genius” and it is perhaps little wonder that he is held up as a role model by contemporary property men, such as Robert Tchenguiz, who have lost a fortune in the current bust, says Anthony Hilton in the Evening Standard.

The latter will no doubt be hoping to replicate Black Jack’s amazing recovery in the 1970s. The main lesson from the fringe-bank crisis, exacerbated then, as now, by “opaque financial institutions, cross-guarantees, offshore vehicles and faked valuations” is that it is the slow dribble of bad news that really does the harm: it “destroys morale and makes people think it will never get better”.

Seated at my table was stylist Caroline Sieber and her charming boyfriend Fritz von Westenholz.

They had photo shoots going on in one of the cottages on the property where it was staged with the backdrop of a half moon in a nighttime setting.

He remains enigmatic and never gives interviews to the press.

He is the grand old man of British property speculation – the great survivor.

Black Jack was a leading protagonist in the 1973-1974 fringe-banks crisis – arguably the closest British historical parallel with the current mess, says the Evening Standard. It had its roots in the Heath government’s cheap money policy, aimed at strengthening UK industry prior to entering the EC.

But it was property developers who took advantage of the low interest rates, borrowing heavily from banks to finance new schemes, believing rising property values would see them through until their investments paid off.

(Delevingne and Benson are also reportedly seeing each other.) Pattinson and Waterhouse even had a car mishap, the agency noted, when they tried to get into Delevingne's car instead of their Uber. Because Pattinson had only recently gotten out of a three-year relationship (and engagement) with FKA Twigs, he wasn't "looking for anything serious," the source added.

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