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The new update will also add more Home Screen widgets including a widgets for the user's calendar, a music player, and a picture frame. The addition of video recording, as well as the addition of video playback support for MPEG-4 and 3GP, is a welcome addition for many whose biggest complaint is the lack of video recording using the built-in camera.

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WP says “here’s the hardware spec you shalt use” (to the device manufacturers).

The extreme flexibly of Android ‘bows down’ to the device manufactures AND the carriers.

If you don’t have a dataplan, it is also possible to use wifi to sign in. Before we can install a custom firmware we need to install the test sign keys.

On your G1, everything you type on your keyboard is also being run in a hidden console with root permissions. Note: There are 2 ways to install the test keys, one is from the SD card and the other one is using ADB (from the android SDK).

If you’re upgrading to a new firmware, be sure to apply the radio update before the system/recovery image.

General instructions for updating to a new firmware (Outdated, new Jesusfreke firmwares are available) Its now time to install the custom firmware.

The most anticipated addition is the the on-screen keyboard. Things like removing stars for thumbs up and down easily spring to mind, but they are far from the most important ....

Users will be able to enter text while the phone is in portrait mode instead of having to rotate to landscape mode and open the keyboard. There are a ton of apps in the android market to download but very few of them actually work as they say..

The insertion will be updated in mode OTA (Over the Air, "by air").

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