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PDQ, PSEXEC, GPO, PSscript etc etc etc this a shot,from an internet facing machine (i.e.

from home or production) open the VS Console and create\schedule a new mirror task and let it run.

Download Windows Defender Definition File Sophos virus identity (IDE) files The Sophos definition files are compatible with versions of Sophos Antivirus not older than 3 months, and can be downloaded as either Zip or self extracting executable.

Oddly it says you can’t use the self extracting files with Windows 2003 or Vista.

Rename the superdat from its unique name to something standard like

Create a scheduled task on each workstation that runs '\\device\share\/silent' on a daily basis. Well, I did try that, but I either didn't set it up right or it didn't work.

First you need to download the zip file for your specific product, for KAV or KIS go to section 3 - step 1.

Then when you have extracted the zip, run the file and wait for the definitions to download, there is no progress meter so you will have to be patient as it’s a big download of around 400MB and the Command Prompt window will close when it’s finished.

Hey guys, so I have a small internal, standalone domain at work with only two servers (2008r2) and six workstations (Win7). Since this network is so small, I can't justify an e Policy server to deal with updates and definitions.

I'm currently just manually updating the definitions on each workstation once a week, but coordinating a time to do this with the end users can sometimes be a pain.

Also, having the task scheduler turned on creates a SCAP vulnerability finding on all the machines.

If I can avoid doing that, I'd prefer it, but maybe I'll swing it another try. You have VSE, and it's installed in un-managed mode )aka no e PO agent) and you want it to update...not just let the engine and dat's update from the client themselves over the internet?

Does anyone have any experience pushing out/running updates from a central location for VSE without e PO?

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