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There are tons of different ways you can deal with a partner who plays endless mind games.

Here is exactly what to do when you hit your breaking point and are just sick and tired of those childish and selfish relationship games. I know it’s really hard not to get super mad and annoyed at someone who is playing games with your heart and emotions.

Aren’t relationships supposed to be full of honesty, love, and trust?

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Tired of dating games Hot chat driect

One person can only handle so much manipulation, lying, and sometimes even cheating before they finally break and freak out.

If you’re tired of debilitating relationship games and don’t know what to do, you’re in luck.

These people will make the best support system, since they already know what’s going on between the two of you.

Talk to your support system about it and get their opinions on the matter.

Not all people play relationship games on purpose because they don’t want to commit.

Some people might be facing real struggles in their lives that cause them to play these games unintentionally.

You never know if you’re just blowing things out of proportion or if you’re not making a big enough deal about the games your partner keeps playing. You probably know all of the telltale signs that they’re about to pull something on you, so don’t play along!

Support is much needed during a time like this, when your emotions are running high and angry. In fact, when they start with their excuses or anything else game-ish, call them out on it.

Another technique to stomp out relationship games is to completely ignore them.

If they text you with some excuse about not being able to go out because they’re “busy,” just ignore it.

Try to take a deep breath, remain calm, and give yourself a chance to rationally figure out how to proceed from here.

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