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Even though I have her, I still spend a lot of time reading design blogs and informing myself on current trends and tips on how to make this home my own.While my designer can guide me in my choices and recommend the right sizes and make sure everything works well together, ultimately I make the final decisions about what we purchase, so I want to be sure I’m choosing things I truly love, that I won’t tire of in a few years. Those of us who decorated our homes in the mid to late 2000s probably have a lot of earth tones throughout, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but it may be time for an update.

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These days, shiny brass and chrome fixtures are taking a backseat to matte black, matte gold, oil rubbed bronze, and brushed nickel — but any metal can all look great if it works with your overall home’s style aesthetic and the rest of your decor.

See the image below — I love how they mixed matte gold and matte black in this gorgeous bathroom. Consider painting wood stained cabinets and/or trim.

I wish I had before and after pictures, but that was before the era of digital photography… But my point is, if you’re struggling to pick a paint color that works with wood-stained molding, consider painting the molding too. Likewise, if you have wood stained cabinets in your kitchen or bathrooms that are starting to look dated, a few coats of paint can go a long way towards modernizing those spaces.

Painting your cabinets is a simple change that can really transform a space, and it doesn’t have to be white (although it can.) You can go with white, off-white, grey, navy blue, black… I love how in the example above, she even painted her backsplash.

All that to say, as long as you realize that I am speaking with no authority on the matter whatsoever, I’ll share what I think are some easy ways you can “fight the frump” at home, or rather, here are 7 easy ways to update your home decor. This does NOT mean to go out and start decorating your house in all gray, but it does mean you may want to start incorporating some lighter, cooler tones into your decor as you can.

I like how Yvonne at Stone Gable incorporates both warm and cool tones into her decorating for a soothing mix.In this house, I’ve intentionally gone towards the light neutrals in my decor, but I’m also trying not to go too far off the deep end into the realm of all grays, because that can be cold and will be dated very soon — if it’s not already. Just like with jewelry, gone are the days when matchy-matchy in home decor was considered a good thing.I’ve learned a ton about color — especially choosing neutrals — from Maria Killam’s blog. I subscribe to her emails so I don’t miss a post, and I always end up going down a rabbit hole when I read her posts because she always links to other posts that further explain the issues she is trying to fix. Mixing metals keeps things interesting, and it’s more modern than having all the same finishes.I like modern farmhouse and cottage styles, but when I do a gut-check, I realize it’s not really me.I prefer my decor to be a bit formal, even glam in certain areas, although I definitely want my home to feel comfortable.One of my good friends did this to her kitchen recently, and it looks amazing.

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