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During this time while they thought a GUP was being used, all clients at this remote site were actually updating definition directly from the SEPM. Gueth is a Senior Security Consultant with Conventus specializing in Symantec Endpoint Protection and Symantec Data Center Security.

Tools like SOLVE exist to allow SEP customers to visualize your SEP data in a matters of seconds – giving you actionable insights instantly. He has worked in the IT Security field for over a decade including positions with Symantec and NASA.

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If the client is not able to download the definition from the GUP due to the amount of time it takes or if the GUP is unavailable, it will then default to pulling definitions from the SEPM.

This is to insure that definitions are available to the client even if GUPs are unavailable.

With role-based access control, system admins can provide context-relative dashboards and report to anyone, from auditors and compliance to the IT department and executive management…all without giving unnecessary access to the product management console. He has consulted for many Fortune 500 companies and assisted them with their security needs.

Whether it’s GUP focused or another SEP function, now you can spend more time fixing problems instead of researching them.

In theory all clients in an environment can act as a GUP. What it is going to do is require all clients to reserve more hard drive space because they will all save separate definitions to be available to any possible peers.

In this scenario none of the agents will actually communicate with another GUP since a GUP can only retrieve updates from a SEPM.

We have run into scenarios where SEP administrators have configured remote client desktops as GUPs.

A few months later it was discovered that these systems have been decommissioned and replaced.

While some bandwidth could be recovered by putting a GUP on each subnet, the management of a large-scale GUP environment in a local LAN will likely take more time and effort than any nominal bandwidth savings.

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