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Out of those affected some 85 per cent are experiencing PSN sign in issues while 10 per cent are having general PS4 online gameplay issues. ”The Ask Play Station UK Twitter has been busy responding to PS4 fans affecting by the PSN server issues tonight.

The official Play Station Network Status page says "some services are experiencing issues" right now. They’ve confirmed that they are aware of the Play Station Network problems and that the PSN team are looking into it. We are aware of network issues that we're looking into.“If you've got access problems, please keep an eye on and attempt to log in later on.”• Play Station Video• Play Station Store• Play Station Music Under the gaming and social section, the Play Station Network Service status said the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita are all affected.

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Another user indicated they could actually get to version 3.40 by following only the following instructions. Finally I have fixed my PS3 and it's working fine with 3.40 Thanks to you Pacov I have followed your guide without using any roms!! Follow the attached link to a video showing you where the hard drive is on the slim:

I suggest you try just this method first and if that fails, try the method I posted in above. Once you take the hard drive out, you need to connect it to a serial ata cable and power cable in a computer.

PSN down reports are flooding in right now as scores of PS4 gamers have been hit by Play Station Network issues.

Independent outage monitor Down Detector has registered a huge spike in PSN down reports.

Anyway, after doing all that, my ps3 works exactly as it did before, but I cannot update to 3.40.

Tried it again using 3.40 on usb drive and had to repeat this procedure. Hope this helps any of you without costing you the 6 hours it took me.

If power cycling doesn’t work and you still receive the error code, we can try updating the console properly through safe mode.

PS4 has a safe mode through which you can perform basic operations to fix unexpected issues and error codes.

Users experience the error code SU-42481-9 when their play station goes into an error state when trying to either connect to the PSN network or when updating the system.

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