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Could the trend for polished pictures be part of this drive toward more mindful online dating?

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Some are more challenging than others, but we always try and find solutions that come across as natural in the shots.”struggling to find six pictures that show you in the perfect light can be a tricky task." data-reactid="31"Professional dating profile images may seem like overkill, but any seasoned online dater will understand the frustrating experience of sifting through a stack of lackluster photos, trying to decide what will attract the most suitors.

Squinting at blurry group shots or poorly-lit gym selfies is par for the course when it comes to securing a date, and struggling to find six pictures that show you in the perfect light can be a tricky task.“I was going out on dates but rarely got beyond the first meet-up,” explains Olena Sandul, 31, who had an online dating profile photoshoot in New York after struggling to land a second date.

At the upper end of the scale, one photographer charges $750 for an hour-and-a-half shoot (with multiple costly extras such as outfit changes and additional retouched photos also available to purchase), and suggests that their expertise can increase your success on dating apps by up to 10 the perfect selfie with ease.

Soliciting the skills of a professional photographer seems to be more about about portraying parts of your life that might not otherwise get caught on camera." data-reactid="28"Nelson says that the founding philosophy of her organization isn’t just about providing images where the client looks picture perfect.

RELATED: This Hairstyle Got Me the Most Dates From the Apps" data-reactid="25"RELATED: This Hairstyle Got Me the Most Dates From the Apps“Social media was an upward trend, and I could see that more and more people were craving a richer visual experience online,” explains Nelson.

“Initially, our core demographic was clients in their thirties or forties, but over the last couple of years we’ve definitely seen an increase in clients in their twenties booking themselves on a shoot.

Dating apps are all about photos, and some women are finding better success by using professional photographers to take their pics.

Here, we talk to dating app photographers and the women who hire them about the benefits of professional era of dating was just beginning.

This could simply be a selfie with your pet dog or participating in your favorite sport.

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