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Now he was hoping that no one remembered this stunt; he was having too good a time, making too many connections, and, like nearly everyone at Augusta, sorely hoping to be invited back.” 5.

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The latter, he posits, is the true quality that endears him to people.

If the dating sites had a mixer, you might find OK Cupid by the bar, muttering factoids and jokes, and in the middle of the room, conspicuously dropping everyone’s first names into his sentences.

Here are seven things you should know about the story: 1.

There’s a particularly amusing anecdote about phones One of the many unique aspects of Augusta National is a strict policy that bans cell phones on the course.

The story ends with the scene of Tiger accepting the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Trump at the White House Rose Garden. Tiger-Trump comparisons are aplenty Paumgarten doesn’t exactly paint Tiger — nor his stunning Masters win — in the most positive light.

First he directly quotes Tiger’s graphic texts with a porn star during his infidelity scandal. There was something Trumpean about it all—a suggestion not of redemption and forgiveness but of indulgence, or abandon.” 7.

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The story spans nearly 10,000 words, and the author, Nick Paumgarten, details his experiences during the 2019 Masters.

Open, The New Yorker published a lengthy story on, among other things, the exclusivity and manufactured beauty of Augusta National.

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