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This means a greater chance of compatibility and subsequent partnerships.

In addition, apps can be used for platonic purposes for those who are just looking to get in touch with new people.

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With so much of what we do connected to our smartphones, love and relationships have also become part and parcel of the digital age.

Online dating has allowed greater access for people to meet a wide range of individuals, domestically and globally.

At the same time individuals should be careful to exchange it for reality itself.

Perhaps the last remnants of life pre-internet are real human interactions, created by real conversations.

To find out more about this I asked several students from the University of Manchester, England how they feel about online dating.

Through this I compiled some benefits and drawbacks from their responses overall.Chocolates, jewellery and cute dates, with valentine’s day just around the corner ‘Tis the season for love.Though how people go about finding ‘the one’ has changed in the last 20 years.Danger There is an inherent danger with meeting people from online.There is a chance that the individual is a fake account, an issue that has even led to the creation of tv shows such as Catfish.The dating app maker today announced the launch of Bumble Mag, a lifestyle publication it produced in partnership with Hearst that offers stories and advice about dating, careers, friendship and more to Bumble’s over 50 million users.

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