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Once you find out you are dating a PTSD victim, make sure you are dating him or her out of love and affection, not out of pity.

Being with someone who has PTSD can be really stressful for you especially when symptoms are triggered, so make sure your relationship is backed up by love and you do share some common interests and enjoy each other's company.

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You need to take good care of yourself in order to take good care of other people.

You should get enough quality sleep, eat well, exercise regularly, hang out with friends, develop your own hobbies, and know your limits and let friends, family, support groups or professionals to help when necessary.

Just don’t judge or get irritated with them; instead, be empathetic to your partner and try to distract his or her attention with jokes or chitchat.

People who have PTSD are commonly victims of rape, or survivors from a war or many other traumatic events.

It will only make your partner feel useless if you always make decisions for him or her, especially on little things.

Help your partner get back on track by letting him or her decide on certain things.

If you are dating someone suffering from PTSD, you need to know how to take care of the both of you.

Signs of PTSD will not always show; they will only surface when they are triggered by a memory or even with a simple body gesture.

PTSD sufferers usually use anger as an emotion to cover up for their guilt or even fear.

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