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Eoin - Eoin is a 28-year-old farmer who runs a flock in excess of 1,000 sheep and herd of cattle in his native Derry, while he also runs another sheep enterprise in Scotland.

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Despite the fact that she lives in England and I in Dublin, we met and began what is now a serious relationship.

I can only say that meeting Alix has turned my life around and we are now planning our future together.

When suggesting a match we consider your individual partner criteria, your location and your personality traits in order to introduce you to 3-7 new people per day.

Compared to other dating sites, this method streamlines and focuses your search - much better when you're new to online dating or searching for love again.

New RTÉ2 dating series Pulling with My Parents is looking for participants from Waterford.

Made by Alleycats Films, the series will follow young singletons from all over Ireland who are stuck in a merry-go-round of bad dates and dating apps.

In a world of Tinder, ghosting and Netflix and Chill, it's refreshing to see honesty when it comes to the dating scene.

Have you got any videos or pics that you think should grab our attention?

Their parents will be challenged to find them the one!

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