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There were some, but I don’t remember ever being pulled aside so someone could point out my (or my wife’s, if applicable) douchebaggery. Clients and I work collaboratively through current and past relationship stuff in order to improve existing relationships or to prepare for future ones. Or at least they fake it really well by continuing to schedule future coaching calls and give me more money. When two sober, healthy and seemingly functional adults love one another and promise each other they will continue to do so every day forever, it seems reasonable to expect that to work more than half the time. There’s nothing to fear or stress over, so you just derpy-derp around all the time, and it . But living life unaware can result in everything you know and love going away, including your very sense of self (the YOU that you’ve known and recognized every second of your life dies). And I think MOST divorce is needlessly wasteful because most don’t learn enough to have any more success in their next relationship than the one they think they’re escaping. All the fish are swimming in water every second of their existence too, but they don’t know what water is. I don’t think the significance of that can be overstated.

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Give your spouse the opportunity to share with you how they are feeling and what they consider the problems and respond by validating their feelings and offering to work with them toward finding solutions for the problems.

This means being able to view the situation from your spouse's perspective.

Accidents are sometimes punishable as well, but usually with softer penalties. ’ After hearing his daughter’s why question, Land wondered, what if you could develop film inside the camera?

They’re often labeled “negligent,” or “reckless.” Whenever my wife was mad and I thought she was charging me with murder when my crime was actually driving too fast in a construction zone, I’d get defensive and pivot the conversation to her lack of justice instead of the thing about which she was upset. And since I believed that, she was the real rabble-rouser in the marriage and nothing was ever my fault. Then he spent a long time figuring out how—in effect, how to bring the darkroom into the camera.“That one why question inspired Land to develop the Polaroid instant camera. But it all started with a child’s naive question—a great reminder of the power of fundamental questions.”“In an effort to try to understand you and not fight about this, I want to try to make your argument for you.

But we can mostly agree that pain in most forms and at most times is a predominantly negative experience. We rarely ask ourselves or others the right questions.

Hurt someone long enough or hard enough and they won’t even be the same person afterward. My go-to defense when my wife was upset with me in our marriage was to say I didn’t do it on purpose (which was true). “Back in the 1940s, Edwin Land was on vacation with his 3-year-old daughter.

If your spouse has withdrawn from you and the marriage to the point of filing for a divorce, you will have to swallow your pride and hurt feelings in order to be open to what your spouse may need from you for them to consider restoring the marriage.

Playing nice doggy and rolling over with someone who has walked away from their marriage isn't easy but, if your desire is to save the marriage it's something you will need to be willing to do. Take responsibility for your role in the problems in the marriage.

Some people enjoy the muscle burn after a hard workout because it feels like progress.

Others like the achy remnants of vigorous bedroom activities, or headaches the morning after a fun party, as a reminder of the fun.

You can m ake legal maneuvers that will stall your divorce and drag it out but, eventually, your spouse will be able to divorce you.

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