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Women’s fashion during the Georgian era was considered with elaboration, greater abundance and intricacy as far as the clothing designs were concerned.

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Since this was not so respected profession, they were not very well paid and also had not so good working conditions.

With such a limited option, marriage became vital for women in the Georgian era.

One of the most popular instruments that women played was the harpsichord.

The guitar was also a popular instrument that women played during this era.

Although there were “Schools for women”, but they had a bad reputation because education received there was poor.

However, sending sons to tutor’s home for attaining education was a common trend during that time.

Georgian Era Women: The Georgian era was a period of lavish and splendid architecture, literature, music, and style.

One can say that the world we know today has its base right in this era.

There was no education system during the Georgian era.

Usually, Sunday schools were where children received education and in wealthier families, it was through tutors and governesses.

That is the reason why even Queen Victoria had to have her mother living with her in her palace until she married Prince Albert.

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