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The one time where I almost had a date post-surgery, after disclosing to him he of course had an existential crisis and cancelled." - Last year, after decades of living a double life, Matt was finally ready for a partner.He became serious about finding the right trans woman to spend his life with. There's been an active market for trans personal ads on Craigslist for years. Romance, you'll find reams of posts by trans amorous men.You can be successful and make all the money and have the career you want and achieve anything you want to.

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I often hear statements that no man would ever say to a ciswoman.

For example: "I've always been curious about sex with a transsexual. "" - "After reassignment surgery, it seems that the chaser pool dried up and I haven't had much luck with dating.

Women are the rhythm and dance of life; we make our men see the beauty and color in life.

Our men are there to provide and protect the space where we can do that dance, where we can feel free to express the love inside of us and get them to move from their masculine world focused on how can I successfully get from point A to point B to the feminine way of let’s take the detour and smell the roses on the way there.

A trully powerful woman can shift easily from being successful, rational and still bringing her feminine touch in the business world to being soft and caring with her man at home.

We don’t need men to do anything for us, but it is nice to be spoiled and loved by our men, it frees us and makes us access more of who we are which brings authentic happiness.

Men or women equally want love but most of us compromise for some sort of connection with a partner, because we were hurt and made a decision to prevent that from happening again in the future.

True strenght comes in being vulnerable and open to life though.

Passion means polarity and attraction towards your partner’s energy and that energy needs to be the opposite of your own energy.

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