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Such neighbourhood has no time to discuss the subject of their interest. Another strong factor that brings people together is religion.

Members of any religious group see themselves as one.

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On a normal ground, this stage ought not to involve any form of sexual activities.

Dating simply means booking or scheduling time for meeting.

Semantically (relating to meaning), relationship, friendship, dating, and courtship are highly misused, misappropriated and confused for one another.

As a result, such a mistake is what I have termed grammatically as an “error due to misuse or misappropriation of lexical items”.

To disambiguate these terms, I will begin by asking, what is a relationship? However, according to English 2.4 (whose text is extracted from a relationship means “connection or association; the condition of being related”.

Merriam-Webster (2019) outlines three meanings associated with relationship.In relationship, dating is technically used to mean a fixed time for meeting (usually for opposite sexes), with the intention of discussing love affairs and how the journey of their love story may begin.Here, the young man makes his intention known to the young lady (though in cases, especially the Western World, the young lady can open up to the young man).It could be between people who are related like couples, brothers, sisters, or people who aren’t related in anyway.This involves any form of relationship devoid of romance.At this period, some partners start co-habiting which is out of place.

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