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Definitions of Weener on the Web: Weener is a town in the Leer District in northwestern Germany.

hl=en&lr=&oi=defmore&q=define: Weener I actually like the definition of butthole a whole lot more.

If you or anyone else has taken anything i've said/posted the wrong way, then so be it. I've done nothing wrong and have quite enjoyed playing along here.anyways hope you have a great day and don't forget to check out the site ;) " this way: People get nasty because somebody is not being honest with them.

Now answer my question: "Why did you think it was better to lie and say 'it's not my link' instead of coming in here in the first place and honestly saying 'hey guys, this is my link, I hope you like the site'"? To answer your question Uzzah- I'm an ex politician. Seriously though, you can't figure out the answers to your question yourself? Then see if you can't come up with the right answer.

So cudos to all ;) so tnythg is short for "teenythong"? I deserve it.packingheat : lmao, I really hope that isn't the best you can do.

I was thinking "tiny thing" and that he just has a small weener./could be both i suppose//glad he achieved all he wanted///assuming what he wanted was to look like a butthole Gracias. So according to you I have a 'small weener' and 'look like a butthole'.

You get a click, I get some knockers, Everybody wins! It's another thing entirely to turn any of those clicks into product purchase (dollars) -- which is what Adam hopes will happen.

While Adam has been keeping a stiff upper lip and putting a good face on things, the reality is that anyone who comes through here and reads the dishonesty on his part and resulting hostility is immediately going to ask whether a person who lies about whether he's advertising his own product (ie shills for himself) might be inclined to do other dishonest things with his site -- and so while he might get some clickthroughs (pennies), he won't get anywhere near as many purchases as he otherwise would've gotten if people were able to easily believe he were an honest site-op.

Practices such as those are generally considered shady and are not well-received. Either way, good luck with your site, and hopefully you've gained some insight for when you post your next classified. I'm a high-strung hater from the days when high-strung haters weren't cool. The best part of mocking somebody is when the mockee is mocked by the mocker and upon being mocked, the mockee tries to shrug it off, not realized the it is not the mock-level of the mockee that determines the successfulness of mock, but the amusement of the fellow mockers. I am happy with the results and will post more classified ads in the future.

And, btw, where's the secret link to see the girl's back door? Admittedly I will approach the comments in a different fashion next time.

I've never understood classified advertisers who post in their threads but pretend they aren't the advertiser. Try to find out what people - wasn't my submission - couldn't afford to submit here must cost heaps!

I can barely afford to put fuel in my R/C car let alone buy an ad space on The site is kewl tho - so GFY to all the non-believers I think all of my comments have been very tongue in cheek.

This may generate views for this single link, but the way to make it seriously on fark is to earn the people's respect. In the future, the loss of respect will show in the counts, and ultimately your classified money will be wasted. raging guitar solo : I'm not perpetuating any stereotype mate. I initially plugged my link and that has lead to this.

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