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The duty free allowance cannot be assigned to travel agencies, tour guides, bus drivers or others.

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Travelers who are residing abroad may import free of duty clothing and other travel gear which they bring into Iceland for their personal use, provided that these articles may be deemed to be suitable and normal relative to the purpose of the journey, the length of stay and circumstances in general.

Travelers may import duty-free up to 3 kg of food, including candy, not exceeding the value of ISK 25,000.

About Funding Carleton students are strongly encouraged to pursue an internship.

A number of generous Carls (alumni and parents) who have gone before you agree and they have contributed significant resources to provide you with diverse opportunities to learn and gain professional experience domestically and abroad. Applications are evaluated on the basis of merit and financial need (as determined by the Office of Student Financial Services.) Students may not apply for funding for more than one internship (at different sites) to be done in the same time period.

If such an inspection reveals goods which have not been declared in accordance with above instructions, the person in question may be liable to legal proceedings.

Special regulations apply concerning the temporary duty-free importation of motor vehicles cf. Travelers arriving to the country or departing from the country for abroad shall voluntary declare amounts of cash which they have in their possession exceeding an amount equal to EUR 10.000 based on the official adjustment rate of exchange as it is registered at any given time.Click on the down arrow, next to Current Subroom: Lobby, and select a subroom. Check the Chat Schedule to see when people will be in the chat room. Students cannot use internships, fellowships, or scholarships to study or travel to countries where the United States does not have a favorable relationship or where travel by U. citizens is not advised, unless this is their country of origin. Students may apply for funding only after they have received an internship offer (and the future internship host completes the host agreement form for the application).We recognize that some host organizations make decisions after the application deadline.Meat products may be imported if they have been boiled or canned.

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