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Dave has identified as vegan for decades and is a leader in the Los Angeles vegan community.Through Veggie Date, Dave hopes that by helping people connect with those who share their values and lifestyle preference, it will be easier to make more compassionate choices.“Veggie Date gives a comforting arena in which to be yourself and not have to defend your lifestyle.

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“On other websites, sure, you can search by different criteria, but it’s not like the whole site is geared toward this consciousness and this level of importance in a person’s personal life.” From Dave’s perspective, it’s also about logistics.

So much of our world revolves around food, with the average person eating three meals a day plus snacks.

Upon sign-up, there’s also the option to choose less restrictive labels such as “vegetarian at home” or “almost vegetarian,” Veggie Date’s way of opening its arms to people.

“Sometimes in the vegetarian movement, certain people can get too militant,” Steve said.

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I think that’s a valuable component of Veggie Date — some people are really just looking for support or friends or activity partners, and we provide a good forum for that.” Steve’s motivation for creating Veggie Date was to connect vegetarians who otherwise may not have the chance to connect, especially those looking for romance.

He also wanted to give them a place to do so without having to explain their lifestyle choices or face judgment from people who don’t relate — and with only 3.2% of the population being vegetarian, that can happen pretty often.

Food is also a huge part of dating and relationships, with the first outing usually involving dinner and eventually expanding to cooking together as things progress. It’s not something as simple as one person loving ketchup and the other hating it; it’s about being on the same wavelength in terms of beliefs.

“Eating is an important part of our lives and our culture, and eating together is something that’s part of a lot of relationships.

I started off by forgoing meat while eating out, and soon I gave up beef, chicken, pork, fish, and eggs. We had the pleasure of speaking with Founder and Senior Developer Steve Urow and Manager Dave Rubin of Open Heart Dating, the current owner of Veggie Date, to learn more about the story that started it all, and the ways the site accepts and caters to a variety of people with a variety of diets.

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