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It also forces your to put the electronics down talk about things that don’t even involve the children or daily tasks of living. For us anyways, it allows us the time space to think about those “younger” days and moments that we created either before kids or before life got crazy busy.

Not only can you think chat about those moments in time but you can truly brings those “new love/giddy” feelings right back to life. After a long day either home with the kids, or working at a job OR both; cooking cleaning up even when done together, can leave you completely drained by the time there is even an opportunity for the two of you to connect.

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Now we line up a babysitter, get dolled up, and set out on a date to dinner a movie, but by the time dinner is over..

we’re so tired that we can’t imagine sitting through a movie without falling asleep.

Below I have listed for you, my twelve date nights out.

Champagne and a box of chocolates usually gets me through a regular day, who says the holidays will be any different?

But chances are my husband and I will be picking something off of this list to help us celebrate our anniversary this year and hopefully you found some ideas too!

Great marriages don’t just HAPPEN because two people are madly in love with one another and everything just flows right all of the time.

They are two people who choose love forgiveness just 51% more than the latter every.

As a family of five, the reality ofing a date night has become very clear pretty obvious. You have to set aside the time, then find a sitter, try your hardest to muster up the energy to go out past 8 p.m.

Going out on a date or even just away from the home for an hour or two- alone; allows for re-connection to happen.

To be able to speak to your spouse without having to fight over all the noise that comes along with having children is such a good way to strengthen that connection that can sometimes fade when just doing life.

From classics like dinner a movie to weekends away in exciting cities – we had the time of our lives together.

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