Dating show host

I don't remember doing the actual locking anybody in the mask. I didn't stay through the culmination of the whole thing. The moment lives on in the work of newspaper critics.

Dating show host

I don't remember what happened with this, but they asked me to make a special chastity mask.

It all sounds so absurd now, but I made it attached with leather straps that went over and around the head in such a way that you could not remove the mask.

An estimated audience of 11.5 million viewers watched Arp say yes.

That's when the show's host, Monica Lewinsky, pointed out that Arp had just agreed to marry a man she had never seen.

They wanted the mouths out so people could talk, but that's all.

I wanted to make them more interesting, so I made it like a beaten metal kind of sculpture.

“Love Connection” shot over a period of about one week, bringing the New York-based Cohen to Los Angeles to do what he does best: prod into people’s personal lives.

Within minutes of introducing the second contestant — whom Cohen dubbed “buff Jesus,” thanks to his large stature and long mane of silky hair — the host asked about the size of his manhood. “I’m very true to myself on the show, so when there’s a hot guy on the show, I say, ‘Wow this guy is really hot,'” he adds, noting that a gay man would not have been tapped to host a national TV show back in the ’80s when Chuck Woolery emceed the original series.

[But] I was always up for something that I was actually building with my hands.

And I was a freelance artist, so you kind of take the job... So just a neutral mask, which even neutral is a personality.

Putting that into motion for a TV audience turned out to be a somewhat convoluted process.

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