Dating on facebook

Facebook can be the perfect mirror for your real life provided you use it properly.

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Don’t be the person who fills up other people’s newsfeeds with daily lovey-dovey posts between you and your sweetie. Be in love together, alone, or better yet get a room!

Whatever you do to express your love to the world, make sure you keep what’s public appropriate and not too personal.

In order to go into the date truly open to discovering whether or not this person is a match for you, it’s best to go in with a completely open and unbiased mindset.

Don’t stalk your date’s profile before you meet and then casually mention you noticed he/she went on a family vacation to South Carolina a few years ago and that your family stayed in the same hotel! ”) can only be interpreted as just that: SUPER weird.

Also, please don’t change your relationship status after two weeks of dating because you just know he’s “the one.” Just don’t. Maybe you had an amazing meal that you want your family back East to see. Make sure that you portray an authentic picture of yourself through your posts, comments, and pictures.

Do make Facebook a platform to show the world what you’re up to. Remember that your Facebook profile is, in effect, your social persona.

Men we interview say that the change should come after or near the six-month mark, while women tend to favor a change in status around three months.

What’s most important is that you have the conversation, understand why it’s important to both of you, be willing to compromise, and come up with a total win-win solution together.

When it comes to dating, Facebook can be the new “elephant in the room.” And, it’s your choice to make it a BIG issue or a small one.

Dating with Dignity has come up with some important dos and don’ts regarding how to deal with Facebook when it comes to dating.

You may have tons of mutual friends; and if you respect the people in your circle, you can make a safe assumption that the person you’re going to date has some basic “musts” in order.

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