Dating for dummies guide to successful online dating

But when these things get repeated every now and then, sex can become as frustrating as a bad day at work.[Read: Tips on turning a guy on] The main problem with sex is that foreplay can take too long, or one of you may just want to have mad sex rather than please the other person.

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You could be the ‘doctor’ while your partner could be the ‘patient’, or just about any different scenario that arouses you. Most of the time, sex just happens without any preparation or planning.

Someone decides to get horny, and habit and repetition has taught us enough to know how it’s supposed to feel.

And you’ll have to understand what turns you and your partner on better than the other role playing characters.

But once you’re comfortable with the act of sexual role play and costumes, sex can become as exciting as your first night together, because, literally speaking, the person you’re having sex with is, a totally different character!

If nothing else, think of all the cool ways you can spend the money you would have otherwise spent on therapy or a good lawyer to get yourself out of the results of not paying attention to the rebound rules.

Some commonly held assumptions, traits, and perils that will allow you to be exactly the person you are.Christina’s even revealed that she loves dressing up for sex, and has different costumes to suit her moods. And don’t we know about Russell Brand’s sex tip to Wills and Kate?“Spice up things in the bedroom by pretending to be French” Or wait, did he mean a French maid costume?Sexual role playing only gets more interesting with every passing night of sex, and not only will it ignite your sexual fantasies, it’ll morph both of you into cute horny bunnies!Click here to read about role playing sex games and how to role play in bed like a pro.Five or maybe twenty minutes later, one of you rolls off and the other probably feigns death.

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