Dating fear of rejection Free chat fb sex girl

The biggest obstacle standing between most guys and their dream relationship is that they never even try approaching great women…all because they’re scared of being “rejected.” Of course, it’s easy for guys to convince themselves that they’re trying. They go to the gym and maybe they even ask a woman out once in awhile.

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Dating fear of rejection

Many times, they carry around deep, inner fears and insecurities that make it hard (if not impossible) to attract and keep a great woman. If so, it comes down to consulting experts who are experienced in eliminating these “inner game” issues, talking with friends who are successful with women, even seeking therapy to address these deeply-rooted insecurities and fears…most of which are usually based on experiences early in a man’s life.

To eliminate your fear of rejection for good, you must replace that false evidence with the facts about what really happens when a confident, in-control man approaches a great woman…and then do everything you can to become that kind of man.

It’s not the end of the world if you don’t, there’ll be another one along in a minute. IF SHE’S HOT, SHE ALREADY KNOWS While it’s always tempting to gush when faced with a beautiful woman, just imagine the lines and lines of men before you that have done exactly that.

She’s heard it all, about her legs and her eyes and her hair…

about every little thing that by now she knows is magic.

Along with your disappearing into the throng of faceless menfolk, you’ll also seem singularly focused, after just one thing, impressed only with the physical.KEEP IT REAL There’s a simple truism that permeates the process – be yourself.The more of an act you’re putting on, the more you’re trying to be someone impressive, the more your attempts to be the guy you think she wants you to be, the more you’re likely to fail.With that in mind, here’s how to eliminate the paralyzing fear and anxiety that’s standing between you and the woman of your dreams: Understand The “Worst-Case” Scenario I recommend every man ask himself this: “Why do I fear rejection and what could happen that’s so devastating it’s not even worth trying?” First and foremost, you need to realize and understand the worst-case scenario when you approach a woman.On the other hand, once a man understands how to stop fearing and start creating feelings of attraction in a great woman (by acting confident, in control and mixing in the right amount of humor) the reward is life changing. If you’re brutally honest with yourself, the answer should be powerful motivation for leaving behind your fear or rejection for good.

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