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Z anglického tlachání o počasí se mu obrací žaludek.

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When House proposes this, Vogler rejects the suggestion outright, and Cuddy soon realizes that Vogler isn’t trying to save money, he’s trying to get House in line.

House tries to molify Vogler by offering up Robert Chase, but unbeknownst to anyone, Chase is Vogler’s only “rat” in House’s department as Cameron and Foreman turn him down flat. Vogler holds out a poisoned olive branch - if House will endorse his new drug, he will let House keep his department intact.

Cuddy scrambles to save House and Vogler finally agrees to give him a chance - fire one of his fellows to save money.

Cameron suggests to House that instead they propose an across- the-board salary cut that will save exactly the same amount of money.

Lisa Cuddy was a major character on House for the first seven seasons. She was always seen as 'House Fantasy', since he would always like to have sex with her, making emphasis on her cleavage and butt. In the Season 7 episode Small Sacrifices her age is established as forty-two, with her forty-third birthday approaching.

She was the Dean of Medicine and Chief Hospital Administrator of Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital from Season 1 to Season 7. She tells House that she lied to Human Resources about her age when she first applied for a vice president of administration job at age twenty-nine, because she thought she would be taken more seriously if she were in her early thirties.

Stačila ho ještě varovat před nebezpečným protistátním spiknutím, ale pak ji někdo – Hanneymu přímo před nosem – zavraždil.

Richard se tak vydává na strastiplnou cestu do Skotska a zase zpět, aby odhalil zákeřné špióny a především, aby se zebe smyl podezření z Annabelliny vraždy…

No further information about her brief marriage or about the identity of her husband was given. At the age of 29, she lied about her age (saying she was 31) in order to get a Vice-President position at PPTH.

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