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The most famous definition of democratic consolidation is when democracy has become the "only game in town", i.e.

when there is no risk of sliding back to authoritarianism anymore.

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There is a strong body of research that demonstrates an empirical link between democracy and reduced corruption (Langseth, 1999, 12, 15; Treisman, 2000; Chowdhury, 2004, 13; Kolstad and Wiig, 2004). Little, W (1997) Democratization in Latin America, 1980-95.

However, others suggest the evidence is insubstantial (Case, 2002; Rock, 2003; Mohtadi and Roe, 2003, 445; Mc Leod, 2005).

There are also problems associated with the ‘democracy-corruption nexus’ itself.

Because corruption is naturally secretive (Sandholtz and Koetzle, 2000, 38), it can be difficult to measure the true extent of a nation’s corruption.

Some argue there is simply no relationship between the two variables (Ades and Di Tella, 1999, 987; Fisman and Gatti, 2002, 336-338).

While it is unrealistic to assume that any method can eliminate corruption altogether, the question is whether the practice of democracy can reduce the severity of the problem over time (Habtemichael and Cleote, 2010).

This dissertation will test the hypothesis that democracy can reduce corruption.

Chapter II will begin by briefly detailing the meaning of democracy.

Finally, chapter VI explores the empirical evidence.

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