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In the Arab, culture, once the parents have agreed in principle to the marriage, details of the financial agreement would be worked out before the engagement is announced.One of the major things to work out is usually the Maher (also know as dowry or bridewealth).

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In some of the Arab Badwin (Nomads) subculture for instant, it is expected that they get married, and if they don’t, a stigma will be attached to the woman.

It is worthy to note here that even western societies, including America, used to engage in the practice marrying a cousin and to a very limited extent it is still practiced in some regions.

However, unlike the American culture were most of the taboos are based on socially accepted norms; religion plays a significant role in establishing the taboos within the Arab culture.

The forbidden relationships like marrying a sister, a brother, or a sun are specifically outlined.

In this paper, we will compare and contrast the marriage institution in the American culture versus the Arabic Middle Eastern culture.

Choosing the Marriage Partner In general, the basic taboos, like incest, are very much the same between the two cultures.

In the Arab culture, the groom must agree to pay the family of the bride money, and provide jewelry and other personnel items to the bride.

Once the Maher has been arranged, they two families would announce the engaging in a gathering arranged for this purpose.

Usually, the parents will chose the partner, inform the man and the woman of their intentions and proceed with the arrangement.

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