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I know nothing about the guy, but I used to go through that phase whenever I came off a long-term scotch binge. Even if I'd quit drinking the night before, scotch would waft off the pores of my back every morning about eleven. During the show they show clips of the previous shows guests being interviewed as they are leaving the building. If he wasn't on drugs then he has bipolar disorder and is going through a manic phase.

OT, a boyfriend later told me he could taste nicotine on my back after I showered. R29, posters on Datalounge often exaggerate and try to make something out of nothing.

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He was soooo hot in George of the Jungle and Gods and Monsters. I do not think he was either drunk or on drugs while on the View.

Just an actor plugging a lousy movie with lots of enthusiasm.[quote]I didn't realize just how much he pinged until I saw him on The View today. Of his 30 film roles, I personally would consider "Gods and Monsters" my favorite. After seeing his movie choices the last 10 years or so, I find myself wondering if he ever turns down a job or if he'll just act in anything as long as the check clears.

He's starting to look like Kevin James from King of Queens.

Yes he has gained weight I am very suprised that he didn't slim down for the film.

This is also the one place where the TV show clearly bests the movie, which cast Mark Wahlberg in the part.

Wahlberg’s fine and all, but there’s nothing playful or unusual about him, where Fraser always seems like he might exit a scene and then invite the camera to follow him as he ambles off set and has a bagel at craft services.

The second hour, in which Getty’s fixer, James Fletcher Chace (a magnificent Brendan Fraser), heads to Italy to try to make sense of a kidnapping he thinks might be staged, has some of the shaggy charm of director Hal Ashby’s work, with occasional winks to the camera from Fraser and the kind of darkly comedic tone Ashby excelled at.

And the third hour, focused on the kidnapped grandson (Harris Dickinson), features some of the dreamy, disconnected-from-time-and-space qualities of Italian director Michelangelo Antonioni (especially his 1975 “displaced Westerner in another country” film ).

They know that filming will begin months ahead so there is time to lose a couple of pounds.

Unless he did and was even fatter before filming began! The bad hair casual t-shirt pictures showed a bloated gut/face with stress-pattern baldness. I did see it today because Courtney Love was going to be on.

You or I can watch the same thing they did and have a different assessment.

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