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This includes any behaviors that intimidate, manipulate, humiliate, isolate, frighten, terrorize, coerce, threaten, blame, hurt, injure, or wound another individual.Dating Violence: Violence committed by a person who is or has been in a social relationship or a romantic or intimate nature with the victim.

Adult dating lakeview ohio

Students who do not maintain these averages are subject to probation, loss of financial aid, and/or dismissal from the program.

Students who wish to withdraw from a full­time program must complete the appropriate paperwork with the program coordinator or supervisor and the Student Services office.

First, students must meet a minimum academic average which varies by program.

Second, students must achieve a minimum attendance average which varies by program.

Sexual harassment, including sexual violence, interferes with students’ rights to receive an education free from discrimination, and, in the case of sexual violence, is a crime.

Pursuant to its Title IX obligations, the Board is committed to eliminating sexual violence in all forms and will take appropriate action against any individual found responsible for violating this policy.

Butler Tech seeks to insure that all students have the opportunity to pursue their education in surroundings that are free from bullying, harassment, intimidation, and hazing.

The school enforces a zero tolerance policy against these behaviors as well as any specific behaviors which lead to sexual intimidation, dating violence, stalking, domestic violence, or sexual assault.

Full Time Program Refund Policy After the first 50% of the enrollment period: No Refund On or before 50% of the enrollment period: 25% On or before 25% of the enrollment period: 50% On or before 10% of the enrollment period: 90% On or before the first day of class: 100% The student’s last recorded date of attendance is the basis for all calculations.

The registration deposit and application fee are non-­refundable.

It applies to all District operations, programs, and activities, as well as to unlawful conduct occurring on school property or during a Board-sponsored activity.

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