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This right is known as "Megan's law", named after seven-year-old Megan Kanka, who was found strangled near her New Jersey home six years ago.

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We thank Masimo Corporation for providing the probes used in this study; however, they did not participate in the study design, analysis and interpretation of the data, or the preparation or approval of the manuscript.

We also thank the respiratory therapists, neonatologists, neonatal fellows and the staff of LAC USC Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for their cooperation with the study.

Bai Juyi is one of many writers who wrote dreamy, lyrical poems to male friends about shared experiences.

He and fellow scholar-bureaucrat Yuan Zhen made plans to retire together as Taoist recluses once they had saved enough funds, but Yuan's death kept that dream from being fulfilled.

Failure to register is an offence which can carry a term of imprisonment.

Her parents campaigned for the police to notify communities when paedophiles moved in.

What checks are in place once someone is removed from the register?

The California man had lured the girl through Internet communications, but he was arrested when an undercover officer took over the communications, federal authorities said.

Rather, people who might be directly labeled as such in other traditions would be described by veiled allusions to the actions they enjoyed, or, more often, by referring to a famous example from the past.

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